INFINITY for architecture and conceptual design is a dynamic interior and furniture design, plus a creative manufacture specialized in high-end architectural visualization.
In our architectural designs, we create effective, sometimes unconventional and unexpected proposals, which allow the building to reflect its own personality, while staying true to its core function.
In addition, the design and management of all projects, regardless of scale, complexity or building typology is approached on the same basis with the core values of simplicity, efficiency and legibility that are being its driving force.

What We Do


is a multidisciplinary practice upon a diverse portfolio of urban modern projects that each carries our hallmark of innovation, experimentation and creativity.
The central drive of the practice is to create elegant, rigorous and innovative design solutions that respond to the site developments, constraints, operational, financial and program requirements of the client.


is represented in examining the site in order to discover its limitations and possibilities, and then consider these features alongside the environmental, geographic, cultural, and behavioral context before offering design concepts to our clients. After that, we start the research, experimentation, and creation. Each member of our diverse architectural team offers their specialized expertise to collaborate on and cover all the facets of a project, from the concept design stage to construction supervision.


We in our furniture design and interior design, like to play with materials and new configurations and use the newest techniques, leading to ideas and methods that offer a constantly changing and fashionable perspective, in order to let the client touch the high quality and beauty of the design.

why choose us

Fast building

Our architectural services include design, preparation of construction documents, and construction administration. we also provide a wide variety of services including problem-solving, feasibility studies, facility management, and architectural programming. helping you to complete your project efficiently and fast. Speed in implementation, completion and design, so for a fraction of the time you can have a quality attractive building with full commitment to preserve the highest standard of designing.

high prestige

we will propose solutions and develop your brief into a fine and high-quality design that reflects your aspirations. We build a new model that makes predicting future easier. Being creative and designing something beautiful are only the first steps in making a vision come to life.

save money

Our architectural service is conceived and coordinated as an integrated whole, with strict attention paid to quality, time, and cost. we will advise not just on how to optimize the construction budget but also on how to minimize the cost of operating the building. It’s important to think about cost versus value. Reducing costs while keeping units comfortable to live is our philosophy. add value and save you money by improving productivity, functionality, and efficiency in your project.

Creative plan

we design spaces where ideas and techniques-represented through form, light, textures, materials, and colors-combine to fulfill your aesthetic, spiritual, and cultural needs.

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Our Team